7 week old puppy has hiccup like twitch for days now, what’s this due to?

The litter of five, has been diagnosed with distemper and I’ve had to put two puppies down and one passed away. The two that remaining are strong and healthy, play hard, eat anything we give them, pee and poop normally. They did go thru a phase where they were sick but they survived, they still have a month to go with this virus which there is no cure for. I have the support of 3 Vet Hospitals, but if I take them to the ER or Vet to find out why he has hiccups for days now, I’m afraid they may say it is seizures and recommend putting him down.

Some Distemper Symptoms: low body temperature, white like discharge from nose, non-stop seizures, gum syndrome, loss of appetite, sleeps a lot, weak and loss of weight, major dehydration, kennel cough, pneumonia.

The hiccups are not part of the symptoms of distemper, that I know of and he is not in pain and is acting normal in all other senses. I am taking care of these puppies till they get better then adopted out thru a rescue who I foster for. It has been an emotional rollercoaster for myself and even harder for my girlfriend.

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