Ok, yesterday, we rescued a pup from the Humane Society. She seemed so playful, and happy. But this morning at about 5:30 AM, I then realized that she had all the symptoms to "Kennel Cough". We took her to the doctor, and they diagnosed her. They put her on antibiotics, and ran some tests. The tests were for Valley Fever, Tick Fever, and Heartworms. I am very very scared for her. I have no clue what to do!!! 🙁 She seems playful now, and happy, but I am soooo terrified!!
Thanks 🙂 I appreciate it
Well, the good thing is, is we didn’t have to pay a dime. The Humane Society said if we brought her into one of these "VCA" animal hospitals in the next 5 days, and they found something, the Humane Society pays. 🙂
Thank you. You all made me feel better with the wonderful comments. Some people might say she is just a dog, but to me, she is part of the family, and we all love her, and would be devistated if there was something wrong.
She also had worms, and her belly is a bit on the bigger side, even though she isnt fat. They said bloating is a symptom

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