I know you all have your opinions about local pet stores…but hear me out on this one. Whether it was the right decision to buy her from a pet store, she was days away from being euthanized and we truthfully thought all the hype you hear about pet stores and sick dogs wouldn’t affect us. It did and now we just need some advice. You can read our previous questions regarding our new miniature schnauzer puppy for more information.

In a nut shell, when we purchased her, she had a scratch above her eye that they thought was ringworm, but after treating it for two weeks they decided it was just a scratch from another puppy. Three weeks after purchasing her and bringing her home, she started getting diarrhea and vomiting. We did take her to the vet where she has been ever since. Her temperature was 106 degrees, her white blood cell count was 700 and after an x-ray they determined all of her organs were swollen, but her liver was extremely enlarged. The vet thinks it may be sepsis, but noticed on her paperwork from this pet store that they had her on two antibiotics at the same time for over three weeks right up until the day we purchased her. One was an ointment for her eye, which is understandable. The other was Baytril. I called the pet store and they state it was for kennel cough.

On a side note, we bought her at 16 weeks and she was in the back where no one could see her. They told us this was because she was older and people just wanted to see the newborn puppies…we took her home instantly! Anyways, everything I’m reading on the internet says to use caution when giving Baytril to puppies and that it’s mainly for really advanced respiratory issues when given or GI issues and liver problems.

The pet store never disclosed anything regarding the kennel cough and the vet thinks there is no way our puppy should have been on the antibiotics that long. With a current vet bill over 00, I want the pet store to pay for this…do we have any ground to stand on? We’ll do anything for this puppy…we’re just frustrated the kennel cough was never disclosed to us even though they took her off the antibiotics the same day we purchased her.

The antibiotic IS listed on our paperwork that she had been given one pill/day, but next to all her check up items she is listed as GREAT condition. Other than her eye…that does have Ringworm with a ? by it and an arrow pointing to the medication listed to note that’s what they were giving it to her for. There is no notation regarding the Baytril.
ADDITIONAL: I forgot to basically mention that we don’t disagree with this medication the pet store gave her, we just do not think it was given to her for kennel cough. We feel she was given the medication for GI issues that have come back and are affecting her today.

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