NEVER EVER EVER take your dog to the ANIMAL EMERGENCY CLINIC OF BRANDON (FL) unless its a absolute last ditch effort. I took my beloved aged pug dog there for what I thought was kennel cough (turns out I found out from his REAL vet that is trachael bronchitis-not pneumonia or kennel cough). The first few clips are not of his illness but what he looked like AFTER the ER VET CLINIC got done with him Before he left the house he was eating and drinking (and coughing and wheezing-thats why he went). I wanted an antibiotic and a bronchio-dialater. Instead they kept wanting more money ( to just walk in the door, for a bottle of pills that cost .00 in the real world that do nothing for his condition and they wanted to take a xray and charge 5.00 for it-also sent him home with a bottle of pills of the opiates which he has not been given a single one and flushed them!) Kept saying no to the overkill and their make a buck scare tactics, just wanted him comfortable till he could get in to see his own vet. They gave him a shot of a opiate that is used to put dogs out for surgery and SENT HIM HOME like this. Said it would help with his coughing, well it almost helped him stop coughing permanately. We called back due tho the extreme effects this shot was having on him and they said it should be out of his system by morning. I read that if dogs arent monitored under the effects of this drug their blood pressure can crash and they can die. He was like this for almost 3

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