I want to post this here so people can find it, please comment on your experience. My 3 year old pug has gagged / dry heaved / coughed periodically for most of his life. I’ve done lots of research and heard lots of reasons for this from reverse sneezing to collapsed trachea to kennel cough and the like. I think I finally figured out the cause, and want to share it with other pug and short snout dog owners.

The symptoms occur periodically and non-regularly. The pug seems to do it for a few days and then it goes away for weeks or months at a time. I think I found a pattern, however. The worst issues are after my pug goes swimming (yes pugs swim) or after I give him a "good" bath. In both instances I’m fairly certain that the pug inhales water deep into his lungs. Then he has to spend the next 3-5 days expunging it.

After watching this for years I think that’s the cause. Sometimes he does it a little after lots of exercise. If that’s from water it’s from panting deeply and trying to drink water at the same time.

Has anyone else seen this connection?

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