We have a new Pom puppy that has been with us about a month now. He is approx. 12 weeks old.

When we got him he was not exhibiting any symptoms…no cough. But gradually over the first week he was in our house he developed a hacking cough (it sounds exactly like a cat coughing up a hairball). It happens all day and night no matter what he is doing, i.e. playing, eating, sleeping, etc.

We took him to the vet exactly a week after we got him and he said he did not think it was kennel cough, but gave us Penicillin for him to take for 1 week anyway. We did that and it did not help at all.

We have given him wormer and he had his first round of shots…I read that Poms get hairballs and that is what his cough sounded like to me so we have been giving him hairball medicine for about a week…not helping either.

The person at our local co-op said maybe its allergies…I am going to start him on some Atarax tonight, but do any of you have any experience with a similar problem???
No- Dullness and redness of the eye
No- Discharge from nose
No- Vomiting and diarrhea
Yes- Cough
No- Shivering
No- Fever
No- Loss of appetite and energy
No- Weight loss
No- Seizures
No- Kennel Cough (3 other dogs not infected after 1 month)
Oh- and I’ve been using the same vet for 16+ years.
We also have 3 other adult dogs and 2 adult cats that are totally healthy.

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