Okay, Well i have two dogs, 1 1/2 akita shepherd husky mix and his son, and akita shepherd husky lab mix who is 9 months. My 9 month old dog ( Rex ) ran away and ended up at the humane society. We picked him up at the humane society and now he is sick with a dry cough which we think is kennel cough and also he is very quiet and has no energy, isnt eating and has a runny nose ( other dogs at the kennel where infected ) but my older, much sicker dog is showing different symptoms now. He is vomiting up liquid multiple times a day. And also isnt eating and has even less energy then Rex. I ws wondering what you thought it might be, and if it is serious or just a virus. I am taking them to the vet tomorrow but i am on a tight budget and wouldnt want to spend tons of money for a cold or something… but im going to make it work for my dogs. I wouldnt want anything to happen to them…
Wow. read the entire question. I said i am willing to pay any amount of money for them i just dont want to if it isnt necesarry

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