So i went on vacation for 5 days and while i was gone i took my 8 month old pit bull to a boarding kennel(which i thought was a good clean place) Before she went i made sure she was up to date on all of her shots including the kennel cough vaccine. I picked her this morning and as soon as i got her in the car she was coughing it sounds like a horrible deep cough. She was also very stinky and dirty. And her nose was very bright red and it looked like some of her fur was missing on her nose. Almost like she had a muzzle on but i don’t understand why because she is an awesomely behaved dog. She is acting very strange sense i brought her home all she is doing is sleeping. So i guess my question is what do you think the cough is from? And is there anything i can do about the way she was mistreated. I also want to add that they told me to bring her food and dishes her treats and her bed.When i picked her up they never took any of that stuff out of the bag. I am so furious. If any one has any advice or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
how could it be kennel cough if she had the vaccine about 3 days b4 i took her to the kennel ?

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