Hi. I have a 14 year old dachshund who I boarded for 3 days along with his sister. The kennel requires all dogs to get the bordetella vaccine every 6 months, which he got 2 days prior to leaving for the kennel. I picked him up from the kennel and he just seemed really lethargic and not excited like he usually is. He came home and went to bark at me but couldn’t bark. Sounds like he has a clogged throat or like he has bronchitis. He’s been drinking water and sleeping a lot, and his breathing sounds like he is very congested. I am a vet student and I know this sounds like kennel cough, but having had his bordetella, this only has a small risk factor. Dogs are capable of getting colds, correct? He is also limping on a front leg, but they said that he played really hard so I’m guessing it’s just his old joints. His sister is fine. Thank you.

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