My dog recently started drooling abnormally. She always has long strings of drool hanging 6 inches long from her face. Also, her breath is the worst thing I’ve ever smelled. The vet diagnosed her with kennel cough a few months back, which is also when the drooling started. The 2 meds the vet gave for the kennel cough actually helped her drooling and I noticed immediate improvement. She no longer coughs but she still acts like she has a hard time breathing. Every move she makes results in her panting and kind of weezing for several minutes.

Her potty times are way off too. She’s house trained but recently started using the bathroom in the middle of the night. It started as just once a night and now I find that she pees about five tiny times and usually poops once maybe twice by the time I get up in the morning.

Is there anything that you could think of that would be causing these symptoms other than old age? She’s 14 years old & I know this may only be old age.
she is a large breed. Lab & chow mix.
Oh, and she gets up and potty’s in the middle of the night. She tries to go on her puppy pads but her aim is a little off.

I thought maybe diabetes, but I am not sure.

She has lost weight but her diet has not changed. She is not sluggish. She does sleep a lot but she has done that for years.

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