An early spring has made for a particularly tough allergy season and people aren’t the only ones suffering. Pets are having a tough time too — including some which have never had symptoms before. So how to know if your pet may be suffering from seasonal allergies?A lot of pet owners – they may notice that their dogs or cats are scratching a lot more this season – that’s because allergies for pets are worse than they have ever been before- we spoke with one veterinarian who explains why allergy medicines and antihistamines are flying off the shelf – not just for the owners but also for the pets.Molly Druce says when her dog Booker starting coughing- she thought he might have kennel cough.Molly Druce says, “He kept getting it and that is not normal especially so young he is only a year and a half- so he should be more healthy than that.”But after a few visits to the vet other symptoms told the rest of the story. Druce says, “Eye boogers and everything and then also itches all the time.”Booker has allergies…. But he isn’t alone, Dr. Craig Prior at Murphy Road Animal Hospital says he has seen twice the amount of pets coming in with allergies. He blames the mild weather for allergies showing up in pets who have never had them before. Dr. Craig prior says, “It’s through constant exposure to something you may become allergic to it over time and that is why a dog that may have lived here for 2, 3 or 4 years and never had a problem suddenly becomes allergic.” Doctor prior says

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