AAAAH i was the person who asked about kennel coughing, and i can’t go to the vet ’til next week.

And after some one told me that kennel coughing can lead to pink eyes my dog does have pink eye! i went to the vet this week as well when he told me about pink eye and gave me treatments for it that isn’t working.

But now i have to wait ’til next week for the vet’s appointment. I’m so worried, i had no clue about kennel coughing since i’m still new at this dog ownership thing and i think i let it go for too long! he’s still playing well and eating well but he has been drinking less and coughing more and the pink eye medication isn’t helping.

What should i do until next Saturday. I’m crying while i write this cause i’m so worried. Maybe it’s not that bad but my dogs are like my own kids and yes i am very dramatic and paranoid about this. Is that so bad.

and why would the vet even make you wait for that long. that pisses me off please answer.

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