Okay Our Sasha hasn’t had the vaccine ever so she is definately getting it. Zack our poodle had it last december, should he go ahead and have it again. They are going to be boarded 10 days and I don’t want them getting kennel cough if it can be prevented. (my grandfathers poodle died of kennel cough, it was that year when it was a mutilated strain and the vaccines didn’t fight it)

So should he get it again
They are being boarded at the vets…they said she needed it but they weren’t sure about him (we know she needs it) I told them he had it when he was boarded in december…but that was the receptionist that told me that…I’m going to ask when we go in (they will be boarded next thursday if they both need it) I don’t want them to get sick
Cindy you obviously didn’t read the whole question because I stated i knew it was the vaccine against kennel cough and one dog had the vaccine back in december

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