I noticed my dog was starting to act a little funny always fluffing the hair around his face with his paws and not letting me touch his front paws anymore. We thought it was allergies but then he started to urinate almost every night at 4 am when he never had this problem before. We took him to the vet- allergies they said so we put him on Benadryl. Then he got these red spots all over, took him back to the vet, now he has staph. They put him on amoxicillin for 2 weeks which cleared up the red spots but then he broke up with bumps all over his back. Meanwhile the urinating every night at 4 am still was happening. Finally I took him back to the vet and saw a different vet and they put him on Simplocef?- a differnet antibiotic. He started taking it and miracle- no peeing at 4 am! The folliculitis cleared up nicely as well except one bump he still has. Well he has been off it for 4 days now as he completed his course and the peeing every night at 4 am has started again. He is more lovey than normal and follows me all around the house and he never really used to. No temperature, eating normal, lots of energy. This morning he goes outside comes in and throws up white foam. What in the heck is going on with my dog? I am quite sick of the vet at this point- he has been there 3 times in the last 2 months. Are they missing something? My dog is a 5 lb yorkie and is up to date on shots and just had his kennel cough shot about 3 months ago when he went in for a teeth cleaning. All this started happening after the teeth cleaning…. then I thought maybe it was leptospirosis since we take him to the lake often and have a pond out back but he isn’t really exhibiting the signs and it’s been 2-3 months since we went to the lake and we have 3 other dogs who would have it as well if that was the case. I am just confused… I don’t mind taking him back to the vet again but it seems pointless since his symptoms always come back. A different vet we took him to a year ago told us he had a small bladder but why has the 4 am peeing happened just in the last few months when he started w/ the itching? Any ideas I can take to the vet w/ me?

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