Our 7 month old puppy came from the breeder’s with kennel cough about 5 months ago. We brought him to the vet, they gave him something to stop the cough, and a liquid to get rid of the bacteria. Now, few months later, he has started coughing again. We brought him back to the vet, and they said is highly unlikely he has kennel cough again but it could just be an irritation of his throat. We are worried that it is kennel cough again because he has the same symptoms. Are we paranoid? Should we see a new vet? And, he is scheduled to be neutered in a few days…should we postpone? Any advice would be great!
he doesn’t actually cough anything up, nor did he before. it’s just the hacking cough, made worse when you press his neck or if he’s on his leash…the vet said dogs build up antibodies so it would be VERY unlikely he has it again so soon. we just don’t know if it could be something else, or if our vet doesn’t know what she’s talking about…. :-/
he does have runny eyes (which seems to have gotten a little worse than usual) and this morning i did actually see mucus drip from his nose, which i’ve never seen before. he has been sneezing frequently as well. are these also symptoms of kennel cough, or were you thinking it is something more severe?? he still seems to be eating and drinking normally, but has been slightly sluggish.
he is a pomeranian/lhasa apso/poodle mix. he’s 3.5 lbs, full grown, 7 mos old. the discharge from his nose was definitely watery and clear. the discharge from his eyes, our groomer said, is normal but will get better because we are switching his food. it has gotten a little worse lately, and is a dark color and is sticky.

we appreciate all the responses from everyone – you have all been so helpful. it looks like we are going to have to get in to another vet for a 2nd opinion. my main concern is that our current vet said she didn’t believe it could be kennel cough again so soon, and from the posts i am getting the idea that she is completely wrong. whether or not he has it, we definitely need to be sure, and stop his discomfort! (and keep it from developing into something worse!)

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