HELP!! I just got my little 5 month old labradoodle a week ago from the local SPCA. As if a new puppy isn’t stressful enough, soon after bringing her home she developed a nasty kennel cough. We brought her home friday, took her to the vet monday (The workers at the SPCA said it would get better on it’s own, I didn’t want to chance it, nor does she deserve to keep coughing so hard) who prescribed a 7 day amoxicillin treatment for the antibiotic, coupled with a 3 day prednisone treatment as a suppressant. We’re on day 4.5 of antibiotics, and she is still hacking the night away, and has now started doing a reverse-type cough as well as the usual one (doesn’t cough too much during the day, mostly at night now). She still plays and eats like crazy, and I might just be paranoid, but should I have any reason to believe she’ll need more antibiotics? I guess I’m just worried they aren’t working since I haven’t seen any dramatic results. Any input would be greatly appreciated, I’d love for us to get some sleep soon! And I’d love for my girl to be able to finally experience being a puppy the way she was meant to.

**going to try a cough syrup suggested by the vet**
**should I be turning off the A/C? we don’t always have it on, usually just keep the fan going, but will keeping the house cool during this hott summer slow down her recovery?**
I should add that she does seem to be a bit better, definitely not as bad as she was. Just can’t sleep through the night, she wakes up every couple hours from her coughing.

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