Tri-County Animal Hospital in Wayne, NJ provides a video detailing what new puppy owners should expect. First, this video will review vaccinations for your new puppy. Puppies require 3 sets of vaccines – with each set administered aproximately 3 to 4 weeks apart from each other. These vaccines include DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Para-influenza, Parvovirus) Rabies Vaccine – In Wayne, New Jersey, dogs are required by law to be vaccinated against Rabies Virus Bordetella Vaccine (Kennel Cough) Lymes Vaccine Leptospirosis Vaccine Parainfluenza Vaccine Next, you will learn about intestinal worms and fecal exams for puppies. After that, we discuss heartworms (a parasite of the blood that affects a dog’s heart and lungs) and why you should start your puppy on heartworm prevention early. Proper canine dental care is an important aspect that is covered in this short video. Learn about the importance of brushing your dog’s teeth regularly and starting when he is a pup. Flea and tick control is mentioned. Ticks are prevalent in New Jersey and carry lyme disease. Make sure your dog is protected. House Breaking and Training your new pup is also discussed. You can further detail on this topic in our other Youtube Videos. And Lastly – we review the importance of spaying (female dogs) or neutering (male dogs) your puppy if you have no intention in breeding him or her.

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