it’s a flu bug that’s even more contagious than the h-1-n-1 virus you’ve been hearing about. however,this virus won’t target you — rather your dog — and it has found its way to albuquerque. stuart dyson is live at the dog park near the zoo with a look at the canine flu. let’s forget about h1n1 for a minute – and turn our attention to h-3-n-8 instead – that’s the name of the virus that’s giving dogs the flu in many parts of the country – albuquerque veterinarians telling us some cases of canine flu are starting to turn up here now. don’t start feeling too sorry for chimichanga the charming chihuahua – turns out he doesn’t have canine flu – but the vet is conducting a chihuahua check anyway because this is serious business. ” because it’s a fairly new virus and many dogs have not been exposed to the virus before – almost 100 percent of the dogs that are exposed are gonna get the virus – not all dogs are gonna show signs of the virus.” okay – what are the signs? – it sure looks a lot like the kinds of flu humans get – starting with a real runny nose and a cough. ” early on in the disease it presents pretty much like kennel cough – a hacking cough – but then we also see having a fever – not wanting to eat – actually not feeling well.” the danger is the dog may develop pneumonia – and that’s never good – anywhere from 2 to 8 percent of the cases are turning out fatal. dogs at risk are dogs that socialize – like at the dog park – not just with other dogs – but with people who

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