I have a dog who has been dealing with a number of symptoms since Monday night.

He started off vomiting 6 times in 24 hours, then he stopped vomiting and started coughing. He has lost his appetite, and only eats when I tempt him with his favorite treats. I took him to the vet Wednesday but she couldn’t give me a diagnosis. His blood work was normal.

This morning he vomited once so I called the vet again and she has suggested over the phone that he might have kennel cough. He was vaccinated 7 months ago, but he is now on antibiotics just in case. He got his first pill a few hours ago.

Now my dog has very very bad diarrhea (it is totally liquid and is explosive) He is not dehydrated at the moment (I am checking him gums every hour). I am worried that we are on the wrong track with the kennel cough since his symptoms don’t seem to fit that well…
Any one out there have any advice for me? I plan to head back to the vet tomorrow morning, but I am very worried and am wondering if I could be doing anything to help him and get him correctly diagnosed.

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