i bought a yorkie about 3 months ago he was in fine health. we had driven to the breeder to get him.. about a month later i bought another one. we had this one shipped since the drive was about 10 hours round trip and we were familiar with where the dog was coming from.
i took the second little guy to the vet to get his regular follow up shots as well as a check up. they suggested i give him kennel cough medicine since he had been in a plane?
about a week later he started sneezing/weezing/coughing pretty often and its getting worse.. on top of that, now my first little guys doing it too!
i know kennel cough is highly contagous but how can it have been spread after medicine was given?
my first guy never got the medicine, but he also never showed any signs of kennel cough WHATSOEVER until 2 or 3 weeks AFTER the medicine was given to my 2nd dog.
what else could this be? if not kennel cough..
also, the symptoms are more drastic for the dog who was given the medicine. my first guys just starting to do it slightly.
when we first got the 2nd dog, he was slightly coughing/sneezing, which is why we were so okay with the medicine being given to him. but now its 100 times worse since the medicine was given and like i said, my first guys even starting to do it

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