Her name is Kali. She’s a 6 year old chocolate lab and she’s a bit obese. She’s been spayed for about 5 years now. She loves to eat stuff and when she gets the chance to eat something (edible or not) she will eat it. At the moment she isn’t eating a lot. She’ll mainly only eat soft foods. My grandpa gave her a bone and she started coughing and gagging a little bit after wards. She’s been lying around all day in corners. She didn’t even get up when we were eating dinner. My grandpa just tried to feed her something with gravy and she wouldn’t eat it. She will even eat tomatoes (if that gives you an idea of how much she likes to eat.) My uncle is going to take her to the vet Monday morning, but I would like to have some ideas in advance. She was around a dog that was diagnosed with kennel cough a few days after she was around him. That is one of our ideas. If you think that it is kennel cough than can you put some facts about it and symptoms? How is it cured? Will it cost a lot of money? And can a person carry the sickness to another dog? I don’t want my dogs getting sick and I don’t want my uncle’s other dog getting sick. I have a 13 year old dog so it probably wouldn’t be good if he got it and my uncle’s other dog is 10 years old so it wouldn’t be the best if he caught it either. So please, if you can, I would like those questions answered. I know that we can’t catch it but I was just wondering if we could transfer the sickness. And if you have any other ideas of why she might be sick could you put information about those too?

Thanks so much, in advance!
Just so people know. My uncle didn’t have anything to do with making her obese. It was is ex wife who worked at McDonalds. She fed her stuff that a dog should not eat. We are working on her weight but it’s hard for her to lose weight.

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