She is 11 weeks old and I’ve had her for 2-1/2 weeks. I bought her from a pet shop and was given Nutri-cal (3x daily), Nutra-drops (2x daily for 10 days), Sulfa-metro (anti-parasitic meds (2x daily for 10 days) and Clavamox (antibiotic, the vet said that it may be because shop may have had a kennel cough outbreak). She has finished taking meds and nutra-drops. I am still giving her Nutri-call but now she won’t eat and seems to crash a lot, I am very concerned. I brought her nutra-drops and she becomes lively again and began force feeding her with dropper. I want her to be as lively as she was the day I got her, I am really scared. She has a vet appt. on Saturday but I will go sooner if symptoms get worse. Is there anything else that I should do? Is this normal, and will she outgrow this? She was eating Mighty Dog Gourmet dinner and Eukanuba but switched to Vet’s Choice chicken can and dry but changed food once she wasn’t eating the Mighty Dog.
I do have paper work stating breeder’s name & state plus license # from NYS Dept. of Agriculture and Markets Division of Animal Industry as well as puppy’s mother’s & father’s name and ABA #.

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