I have a three week old puppy (and her 5 brothers and sisters) she seems to sleep fine, and her lungs are clear and her heartbeat strong. I have Clavamox (that the vet gave me for one of her brothers w/ different symptoms) and have been giving it to her twice a day… the coughing seems to have gone down… but I would like to know if anyone has any idea what it might be.

I highly doubt it’s kennel cough because they have never been exposed to any other dog, and we sanitize our hands before touching any of them… also, none of the other puppies have the symptoms she does.

Any idea would be greatly appreciated!
also, she has been eating fine, and sleeping fine. I haven’t noticed any major change except the coughing after she’s done drinking milk (we bottle feed since her mother never had milk)
She’s drinking goats milk, with egg yolk, karo syrup, and plain yogurt (they seem to love this, and have no issues with it)

Just trying to provide as much info as possible in case it helps

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