I just adopted a puppy from the shelter and they told us he was healthy, but he’s not. I’ve been running back and forth like a crazy person from one vet to another to see whats going on with my puppy and no one is giving me straight forward answers. Few days ago my 3 month old GSD mix puppy started to have a very loose stool, so I took him to the vet. Turns out he has pneumonia, but its hasn’t gotten too bad yet. He also has kennel cough, and something in his intestines. He’s currently on antibiotics. The second vet I took him to got a blood sample, and she said that her white blood cells are balanced out and our puppy might not have distemper, but he’s having all the symptoms of distemper. He has a loose stool, but it is still in the poop shape, just very stinky. He coughs a lot, and has green discharge coming out of his nose while he’s sleeping. His small intestine looks bloated and they said that doesn’t look normal. We cleaned the entire house, but we want to know if we should bleach everything? even the toys? can we use regular bleach and mix it with water?
We will not get any results until Monday or Tuesday and I cannot stop thinking about this. My puppy is active. He’s eating fine, playing, drinking water, and peeing.

Its just one thing after another. If you have had experience with distemper please share your story. I am really worried. The vet at the shelter said he had his first set of shots, but he’s suppose to get his second set of shots on Feb 3.

I have spent so much money already, and I will do what ever it takes to save this little guys life, but I am so scared that there might not be hope for him after all this.

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