We have a cavapoo puppy, she is now 14weeks old, two days after her first injection she started coughing so we took her to the vets the next day, they diagnosed kennel cough and sent us home with a weeks worth of antibiotics..they didn’t help at all and we returned a week later to be given more antibiotics, another week went by and we were given a different type of antibiotic as the cough was no better
After going back to the vet AGAIN they took her off the antibiotics completely to see how she goes and she is still coughing!! Throughout the whole time she has still been alert and playful and has been eating and drinking like normal and has gained weight.
The vets have recommended steroids if it still hasn’t changed by tomorrow but i wouldn’t like our little dog to be given even more tablets! She’s practically rattling from all the others! Any advice or home remedies would be really appreciated 🙂

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