My girlfriend and I just got a new puppy. We adopted him 2 weeks ago from an animal shelter- he is about 9 weeks old and a terrier mix. Since we brought him home he has been coughing, sneezing, and wheezing. We have taken him to the vet 4 times already and our vet says he is healthy and doesn’t have kennel cough, but could just be recovering from the vaccination or where he had it before. He did have an eye infection, but we treated it with an eye ointment and an amoxicillin antibiotic. After our puppy finished taking the antibiotic he was still coughing so we went back to the vet where she prescribed a cough suppressant. Now, he has 2 days left of the cough suppressant and he is still coughing just as bad as he was 2 weeks ago, and tonight he started throwing up, what looks like mucous, twice. Do you think it’s just a cold or allergies or kennel cough? I’ve been researching his symptoms, but i’m still not sure of what it could be.

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