we took her to the vet and now shes on amoxicylin and robotussin. why didnt anyone ever tell us that she needs to be vacinated for it ever 4 months? we’ve had dogs all our life and they only give it to them once a year and always have!!!

the vet told us that if she gets boarded or goes to the dog park (where she goes at least weekly) then they need to get it more oftin. our old dog has been borded up to 4 times a year and is 13 and she’s only gotten the vaccine once a year all this time. same vet!!

what has your experience with this been??
thankfully she’s not that bad (we took her to the vet yesterday to get the cough checked out), but for a few weeks she was coughing and it sounded like her trying to get rid of a hair ball; some days it wouldnt happen, some days once or twice, some days a few times every hour or so. but the vet said that she’s fine, just to keep her out of the dog park for a while until she gets vacinated again in a few weeks (after she’s off all of the meds). she said that it gets passed around at the dog parks a lot (like a cold in preschools).
she’s about 6 months old, so she had only been vacinated once when we got her (just about 4 months ago – so thats why she got the cough now, its worn off!)

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