I just bought a 10 week old Basset Hound from a breeder two days ago. I have noticed that after he has been very active and through the night he has a productive cough and his eyes seem to be watery. He also tends to get a case of the hiccups after a coughing fit. I have done some research and it seems that kennel cough would be the most obvious reason since he has been living in kennels with several other dogs. My problem is that most sources have said kennel cough is normally a dry, unproductive cough. He is showing no other symptoms…He is eating, drinking, and playing normally. Does anyone have any ideas?
First off, I wasn’t asking anyone to diagnose my dog. I am also pet sitting for a friend and was just curious since I have no expierence with things such as kennel cough. Secondly, my dog is going to the vet tomorrow. Since he was bought on the weekend the 48 hours did not start until today. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas from past experience for the time being. So YOU don’t be a douche. If you have no helpful information then just don’t answer a question.

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