So my boyfriend and I rescued our 2 month old puppy from a pound in South Central Los Angeles. They told us she had a cold(Which I later found out was Kennel Cough) and would need antibiotics to help treat it. We took her home, got her the antibiotics needed and kept her indoors. Well it turns, she now has pneumonia and might have distemper as well. I just want to know, how do we know if she has distemper, I’ve been looking at symptoms and things match up. I guess you could say I’m in denial of that possibility. It says that she has her distemper shot but I’m not sure when she got it considering she was a stray at less than 6 weeks old!! How could someone do that to something so precious. My boyfriend and I don’t know what to do, we want to try to save her because I would rather her pass with us trying to help. Do you think it’s possible that she got the virus when she was on the streets with her sisters? Or did it come from the pound? And if from the pound, can we report them to SPCA?
Maybe they do it differently than my city but when a dog is showing signs of a cold or anything, they put it in quarantine. Which they didn’t do with whatever dogs were sick because the guy admitted to most of their dogs having a cold. I’m not blaming them entirely because yes, the idiots who didn’t fix their dogs are the cause of all this. It’s like having a child you can’t afford.
Liliydog- Thanks so much! I’m really hoping she can pull through, we are going to try antibiotics for a month or 2, if she makes it, and if nothing helps then I guess we need to do whats best and put her to sleep. She threw up 30 minutes ago and felt a lot better, but I think it was the antibiotics she is on. Is there a limit of the amount of pedialite to give her?

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