We think he has kennel cough, for the past 3 days he hasn’t ate anything and barely drank a little water today. He has been eating alot of grass. We gave him De-Wormer medicine yesterday because he had worms and all he has done is throw up, starting today he has been throwing up alot of blood. Unfortanetly there are no Vets in this area that are open on weekends so we are keeping him away from the rest of our dogs until he can be seen. And he’s too active to have parvo so we’re guessing it’s kennel cough. Anybody know of symptoms or temporary treatments? My grandma is going nuts her other dog just died and she’s traumatized.
he has ate grass his whole life and his previous owners had him addicted to drugs however that was over a year ago that we saved him from them, just adding that incase it helps. And his throat is swolen.
OK let me add this..for the past couple days he was just sick, not sick enough to worry us since every once in a while our dogs get like that for a day or two and they’re fine…starting today…as in…AFTER 6PM SO IT WAS TOO LATE TO TAKE HIM TO THE VET OR WE WOULD HAVE!!TRUST ME WE CALLED AROUND ALREADY and we do live in a rural area with only 2 dog vets in town and the ones out of town are closed also….ANYBODY ELSE HAVE SOME LECTURES 4 ME AS IF THIS ISN’T HARD ENOUGH?!?! AND PLEASE DON’T TELL ME HOW TO RAISE OUR DOGS WE’VE DONE JUST FINE SO FAR~~~ thanx to those that understand, it’s appreciated.
THANKS GUYS. and yes I have tried calling MANY vets that aren’t even in my area. This dog has atleast had a long happy life. But THANKS-to the people who didn’t lecture me.
–D— If you haven’t noticed, I’ve got enough answers already so F*CK OFF!! F*CK YOU and your opinion, maybe you would have the right to talk shit if you knew more about the situation, all I asked for was advice, THAT’S IT! so what if I didn’t form my paragraphs right I don’t have to this isn’t formal so once again F*CK YOU!! at least it doesn’t make me as bad of a person as you! F*CK ALL YOU SH*T TALKERS! YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THE SITUATION AROUND HERE!

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