Okay he’s two months now, a lab mix, I got him from a shelter, so ofcourse even though treated he got kennel cough. He’s been with me 3 weeks now and the cough remains accompanied by upper respiratory complication… he breathes funny sometimes, like he has pnemonia, or something… his chest goes up and down more than usual in a dog. I’ve read up on this, sounds like what I’m saying, I’ve taken him to the vet two times now, going on a third, he’s been given clavamox two times now with an increase in dosage and vitamins… he’s active, his coughing is only when he’s excited… i think.. he eats good… but the chest thing bothers me… I can tolerate the cough if I knew it was gonna go away, but… I’m gonna see the vet and I don’t want another run around… he also has a bit of mucos from his nose … so what’s ailing him?? should I invest in a humidifier, cough syrup for children? what’s gonna stomp it in it’s place , could this more serious than I think? What should I expect?

Filed under: What is Kennel Cough?

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