I didnot want him to get that vaccine. There was no reson to. He is at home all the time, and I donnot kennel him. Five days later, he came down with a horrible honking cough, which has kept me and my husband up all night now for 5 days. I have him on antibiotics,, cough suppresent, and prednisone for inflammation of the trachea. I had to take him back to the vet this week for an x-ray, and he now has pneumonia, which is a directly related to a dog that had Kennel Cough. The dr. says a dog cannot get KC from the vaccine. But I have read differently. If a dog is already sick, white blood count is already high, then the vaccine should never be administered. The vet’s office is taking blame for giving the vaccine without my permission, but not for his new sickenss. They say he must have had a pre-existing condition. I blame the vaccine. Any advice?

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