In November 2010, we adopted a Husky from a rescue. He starting coughing, puking…a lot(started white, moved to brown, then to green), gagging like something was stuck in his throat, and had frequent breathing attacks (straightens out his body, it kind of sounds like a motorcycle idling). When he sneezes he smacks his nose into the ground and snot goes flying everywhere. So we figured kennel cough. We brought him into the vet 4 days after rescuing him, and they stated that they didn’t think it was kennel cough, but they put him on antibiotics anyway. It helped for a little bit, but the symptoms always came back. After some more rigamarole with the vet, they biopsied his snot and found that he had a secondary infection(which happens if untreated for kennel cough). He was prescribed steroids (Prednisone?) and some more Doxycycline.. 7 months later and a bag full of empty antibiotic bottles and he is still in the same condition. I have tried every home remedy to help him.. Honey, Colloidal Silver, Echinacea, Yogurt, chicken broth. I have bleached anything that could tolerate bleach. I frequently wash the bedding and carry Lysol everywhere I go in the house. Nothing has helped. I let my husband know that one more trip to the vet for this dog, and I give up. He will need to go back to the shelter. It is not an allergic reaction to anything as we have changed food, treats, toys.. Now that it is warmer out, the symptoms are not kicking in as fast as it did when it was cold out. Right now his snot is brown, he’s coughing a lot, and it keeps him and us up all night. He frequently pukes the white foam(does have the brown snot in it) His appetite is normal, and he is drinking normal. He seems to be fine when he sleeps, and the symptoms kick in real bad once he wakes up and when he’s doing a lot of activity. Please help! I want more then anything to keep this dog, as he is sweet, caring, cuddly, and playful, but I am at my wits end.
I have no doubts that the dog is more sick of if then I am. I feel for this dog as it must be painful for him, as its heartbreaking for me to watch him go through this. I have been to 4 different vets. They all did the same treatments, and gave me to same information, which leads me to doubt anything they have to say.

Allergies.. don’t the signs usually go away during the winter months, which is when all of this has started?

His airways and his lungs are clear. There isn’t anywhere he can stay, without risking an infection to other dogs. I have another 2 year old husky that has been around and caught the kennel cough, and a couple of anitbotics and she is now fine. She is not showing any signs of infection that my other dog is.

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