Okay I have a 3 year old black lab named sadie. She is my pride and joy and she is a perfect dog. She’s playful, funny, not to rough, and very energetic. Well i moved out recently from my moms place so she ended up bringing home a puppy that had kennel. My mom called me saying Sadie had Kennel cough and was sick but all the other animals healed on their own. She took her to the vet and got antibiotics. I walked in today (after two weeks from the original cough) and freaked out. I found vomit everywhere and the dog I once knew to jump on me and bark loudly laid on the ground with blood shot eyes. Now let me explain the symptoms. She has a very cry runny nose, her eyes are bloodshot, her throw up is more of a snotty throw up (nothing with chunks), she’s verrrryy lethargic, doesn’t want to come when her name is called, her body shakes when she tries to sit down, she won’t open her mouth, there is foam around her lips, and she hasn’t eaten in 2 days. Please someone help in any way. Tell me anything from home remedies for dogs to stories of your dog that once had kennel cough.
Thanks for your help. i got my mom to take her to the vet. The kennel cough turned into pnominia and she past over night. Im crushed but happy she’s in heaven.

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