He’s a deer head chihuahua, we’ve had him since he was 6 months old. hes 1 now. when we adopted him he looked really sick and had this breathing problem to where it seems like he has flem in his throat and he’s trying really hard to get it out but has trouble breathing at the same time. we took him to the vet for his complimentary checkup and they gave us some medication for kennel cough. my other dog, chihuahua/doberman mix, started having the same symptoms but they went away when we gave him the same medication. Although my Deer head gained some weight and looks perfectly healthy now. he still has some trouble with the breathing sometimes. for a while i thought it might be some sort of doggy asthma? sound stupid but I just want to know whats wrong with him because i get worried about him. oh and my brother took a stethoscope to him and also found that he has a heart murmur the other day. it doesn’t sound too bad but its noticeable. well im not sure if any of this information makes sense but if you can help me i would really appreciate it. thank you
Murmur is 2/6 "blowing" holosystolic, just like that found in humans with mitral regurgitation, no pitting edema. he runs fine, doesn’t tire easily, lungs sound clear, healthy appetite,but the heart rhythm is irregularly irregular kinda like atrial fibrillation but the other healthy dog has this also, so is it common for dogs to have these irregular heart rhythms? An EKG could probably help find what rhythm the heart is in, but an echo should tell us the extent of severity of the regurg. any ideas?

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