He’s only been on the antibiotics since yesterday, so he’s gotten two treatments. When I first took him in Yesterday morning, it was a very mild case, I was just a worried mom. Now his poor little coughing is nonstop. (The vet said to use RobitussinDM). Anyway, His last Bowel Movement was yesterday afternoon, after only one treatment of the medicine. The first push was solid, the second push was mucous-y. I called the vet & he said it’s prob from the stress of the Kennel Cough. But he hasn’t pooped since? That’s not normal for him. He even ate all his dinner last night… BUT, as a treat I shredded some carrot into his food. Is this stopping him up? Is there something like pumpkin filling I can feed him to help it come out??
He’s 10 lbs. & he’s not lethargic at all, still loves to go outside for walks (even though that makes the coughing worse) & I play with him all day long. (although not as hard, cuz he’s sicky.) he’s a regular little pup, with a really sad honky cough, which seems to actually be "stopped" now. it seems that he’s real bad during the hours of 1am to like, now.
He has been vaccinated, last week. Which is when I got him from the shelter. I do have to go in for another round of his bordetella & his 5 in 1 in about 3 weeks, they said he wasn’t old enough, I believe?
Okay, so. Now I’ve been following him around cleaning up his puke, we are going to the VET. a different one, My best friends vet who she has seen for years with multiple animals & she loves.
Ok now i’ve made the appointment, he wants to play hard & just let out a big steaming SOLID bm. I think it’s his antibiotics…….. Plus he’s stopped puking…for the time being anyway
The dog is fine, the mucous-y poop was fine (IT ONLY HAPPENED ONE TIME & THE DOG HAS JUST BEEN GETTING BETTER & BETTER)

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