I haven’t seen any articles online that list brown snot as a symptom of kennel cough. I’ve seen some articles that mention green snot but my dog’s snot is more orange than green.

Its probably a bit of blood I guess… but it isn’t streaked with red hasn’t had any bright red spots.

Is this something to expect with kennel cough?

And how long should it take to clear up?

Its incredibly gross and he’s getting all over everything! Poor little guy (poor me! Yick!) !

He’s a GSD, is around 6 months old, was adopted from the animal shelter a little over a week ago…

He is incredibly well behaved, I don’t think he’s behaving strangely, he was super thin, but is gaining wieght, he was coughing a bit, but that has stopped, the vet has him taking Tussigon and something labeled "Amoxi".

He used to get very tired, but now he’s able to run around and play a little bit. He seems very tired most of the time and looks depressed, but I haven’t had any luck asking him how he feels.

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