He got the ‘vaccine’ against it a few days ago, (it was a nose spray), and now, he will intermittently make choking/ coughing noises that sounds very similar to…kennel cough!
Why would that be? Has this happened to anyone before? Should I take him back to the vet? It’s not likely that he has kennel cough from any other dogs as he hasn’t been in the company of strange dogs.
The cough isn’t constant, but when it happens, it’s a bit intense. I would say it happens less than once an hour. Is this a side effect of the medication? I got the vaccine for him because he WILL be in a kennel in a couple of weeks, and didn’t want him to catch it. If anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks, obvious first answer. I DID talk to my vet. I talked to him about how I didn’t want my dog to get kennel cough whilst away in the kennels. The vet then GAVE my dog the medication. Now, my dog is coughing occasionally. I would like to know why this is, or if it is anything to be concerned with.

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