So my little Dachshund, Ellie who was 5 years old died two days ago (two days before I posted this question) and we first noticed something when my dad was about to take her outside before she went to bed. She started extending her neck strangely, she would not pee or poop (She always did before she went to bed) and she barely could walk, and when she did walk she was dragging her back right leg and she looked like she was drunk! Her pupils started to dilate also. So we went to the emergency vet and said that they could do surgery (we could not afford surgery) I’ve heard about the surgery and how it succeeds often, but the nurses and my mother both agreed that she was in an excruciating amount of pain and that even if they did do the surgery, she would no longer be independent. So they decided to put her to sleep. Anyways, given the symptoms I described, what exactly killed her? She was active a lot and jumped off tall things, we are thinking its her back, but we aren’t entirely sure because of the neurological damage done to her. She had a vaccine to prevent kennel cough the same day.
Again, we could not afford surgery, and regardless of that our dog was in excruciating amounts of pain.
Also, we were giving her steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs. She had this look on her face that said "Just end it, I am in so much pain" if we felt like surgery would of saved her, we would of taken a loan out and done it, but the nurse said that even if we do give her surgery, she will never live a normal life and that she will never be independent again.
We did not get any paperwork besides the bill.
The vet’s said they thought it was a back problem.
Also, we could of done a payment plan, but we knew that she would never be the same dog after surgery.

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