I put my 2 Beagles in a kennel for 8 days, They were GREAT when I left them, I picked them up and 1 dog seems to be sick. Cough,sneeze & wheezing is all he does. He will eat, drink & has a raspy bark once in a while, but they are hounds and is known for the noise. His activity is VERY low, he just lays on the floor and won’t play as much with his brother.( Brother is fine) The kennel won’t take ownership he got sick in their care & basically blew me off. One dog had poo stuck to his bum and their teeth were disgusting. They are house dogs only and this is the first time I ever left them. They never been w/ other animals and even got ear mites in their care. They got a series of shots as well and I thought his reaction to the shots may be the cause of his symptoms…HELP ME PLEASE.. I don’t know what I can do at home until I can pay for another vet.

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