My 3 month old puppy is so very sick. We got him from the SPCA on Sat morning, and by Sat night we had him at the Emergency Vet. He has a real bad cough, runny nose, lethargy, and labored breathing. She was rather short with us, saying he has kennel cough, no fever and not to worry about him. She gave us some antibiotics and cough medicine and sent us on our way. We were told to follow up with our vet on Tuesday, when we did, our little guy was even worse, all the same symptoms, but now he has a fever of 103.7 (I know a normal dogs temperature is 99.5 to 102.5.. Luckily our vet actually wants to help. She kept him for a few hours running different blood tests and did an X-Ray of his lungs. She said his White Blood Cell count is high, which means his body is fighting it (also why she didn’t think he had Distemper, because she says his white blood cell count would be very low if that was the case), She gave us a vitamin supplement (Iron drops) for his anemia, (what she called a Strong antibiotic for his size) Cefpodoxime Proxetil 100mg, (half a tablet once a day) And told us to keep using the cough medicine regularly. Today he is still very lethargic, he is eating in very small doses (I gave him 2 cups of puppy food, like the bag says, this morning and he still hasn’t finished it. But he nibbles on it occasionally, and he is drinking periodically through out the day. But for the most part he lays around and sleeps all day. I am so worried about him. Our vet says that we should see a dramatic improvement by Friday and if not then he needs to come back in. She says she won’t give up on the little guy, but it is so hard to see him like this. He looks so pitiful all the time. He will follow me every once in a while if I leave the room, but he comes right back to the same place after he sees where I am. I know this is a serious disease for a puppy, but is there a good chance he will survive? I have read a lot online and it seems a lot of people have their dogs hospitalized, and our vet never said anything about that. I know she knows whats best for him, but I really need to know if he truly has a chance of making it through. If anyone has experienced this with their puppy please let me know.
I appreciate your support for my little guy. I know he needs all the prayers you have to offer. And any other ideas you can offer to help us both to get through this would be greatly appreciated.

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