I took him to the vet who confirmed it was Kennel Cough. He gave me some Amoxicillin liquid and told me to have him rest and sleep as much as possible.

Is there anything I can do to help him beat this quicker and get better?

Personal experience anyone?
Thanks for pointing out the obvious torbaynewfs. I’m looking for someone who may have had some personal experience with this and might have some knowledge about this virus.
torbaynewfs – I have actually never delt with Kennel Cough the whole time I have owned dogs (23 years). I’ve heard it is very common, but I have personally never dealt with it (luckily), until now. I just wanted some feedback as to how others dealt with it. Of course I’m going to listen to the doctor (that’s why I went there!) and give him his medication but I wanted to hear personal experience from other dog/puppy owners. I don’t plan on giving him any other medication then what the doctor has prescribed, but maybe other people have a few tricks or tips on how to make the virus go away sooner or at least how to make my puppy as comfortable as he can be until he can beat this thing.

You don’t need to be rude. I’m only trying to do what’s best for my puppy so he doesn’t get something worse or deadly like pneumonia or parvo. Sheesh.

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