Sorry to keep asking questions that i probably should know the answer to but basically the woman next door who breeds dogs lost a litter of very young puppies and one older dog after they got kennel cough a few years ago and she keeps making me panic and trying to give me advice that just doesn’t sound realistic and I don’t want to keep asking the vet.

Anyway my one year old very large mutt (don’t know if size matters here but he is slightly larger than a fully grown Alsatian) has a mild case of kennel cough and has been to the vet, he is very healthy otherwise and seems to be getting over the kennel cough already (he’s only coughed once in the last 12 hours and that was after he started barking at someone knocking at the door)

1) How long do i need to keep him in for after he stops coughing? she tells me its dangerous to let him out the house for at least 6 months but that cant be right can it?

2) can kennel cough affect humans? im 98% sure it cant but the woman next door has just yelled at me not to let my 3 year old near the dog as my daughter might catch it and die??! the vet knows i have kids and would have told me that if it was true wouldn’t they?

3) is kennel cough actually likely to kill a healthy dog? i mean so long as i do what the vet says and i keep an eye out for any secondary infections?

4) do i actually need to disinfect the bit of garden he goes to the loo in? its nowhere near their property or anywhere that anyones dogs are likely to go.

5) is letting him run around in the garden ok? he cant get out and i am keeping him the other side of my property to her house and im only letting him out when her dogs aren’t outside (shes not got any pups at the minute and isn’t expecting any)

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