LHS Resident Since: 2/07/11 Adoption Price: 0.00 Estimated Adult Weight: 45-55 pounds Sheba was part of a litter born here at LHS. She’s a fun, outgoing puppy who will be a great companion for children and other pets. She isn’t housebroken or leash-trained yet, so her new family needs to be aware that they are starting from scratch with this little girl! She’ll be an energetic, intelligent dog so her new family needs to be able to give her plenty of exercise and keep her mentally stimulated so she doesn’t become bored and destructive at home. All puppies need proper socialization and firm boundaries from their new families in order for them to grow into friendly, well-balanced family pets. If you are thinking about adopting a puppy, but have a busy lifestyle without a lot of “down time” please consider adopting a mature pet instead. Sheba is up-to-date on her distemper and kennel cough vaccines. Her distemper vaccine needs to be boostered every three to four weeks until she is over four months of age to ensure immunity. She has been given monthly heartworm prevention while under our care. Her new owner will be responsible for continuing her monthly heartworm prevention and making sure her vaccines and heartworm test are updated by a veterinarian every year.

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