Vaccinations are an essential part of pet care! At the SHS, we get puppies started on vaccines from the moment they arrive in our care and continue providing “booster” vaccinations as long as they are with us. You will need to continue your puppy’s vaccination protocol after adoption, according to your veterinarian’s recommendation. Starting at 8 weeks, puppies need to receive their first vaccination against distemper and parvo. This is a critical vaccine against deadly viruses and should be repeated every 3 weeks until a puppy is 20 weeks old, and then annually or according to your veterinarian’s recommendation. Rabies is given when a puppy turns 4 months. If you adopt a younger puppy, you will receive a voucher for rabies. Current rabies vaccinations are required by law, but the distemper/parvo combo vaccine is equally important for the health of your puppy. At the SHS, we also give puppies a Bordetella vaccination (often referred to as kennel cough vaccine), which needs a booster every 6 months. This vaccine is important to keep up to date if you plan to board your dog. Most groomers also require it.

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