I have a little Maltese poodle. She’s about 9 months. Recently, she’s developed a slight cough. After researching I don’t think it’s kennel cough b/c she’s not coughing constantly. It’s a wet cough. Which makes me think it’s allergies. The only symptom is a cough…other than this she is happy, excited, playful, and is still eating well.

What do you think it’s allegeries and what could I do to help her through this before a vet trip?
A previous answer suggested I post my question which is why I’m asking. I am trying to do as much research and gather as much personal testimony as possible before a vet visit so I may be informed. It is the weekend after all. Thank you.
she does have runny eyes…she’s been to a pet store today and also about 14 days ago.

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