One of my Golden Retriever bitches has contracted Kennel Cough at a dog show 2 Sundays ago. The 1st day we noticed that she was coughing, she started having involuntary urination (urinary incontinence) too. Urine will just leak out of her while she is lying down & she doesn’t even realize it. NONE of our dogs has ever had incontinence before so this is the 1st time we are seeing this kind of thing happening to one of our dogs.

We brought her to the Vet 4 days ago & she has been on Clavamox (general anti-biotics) since then & the last time she had a leakage was about 2 days ago. She still behaves normally, her appetite is still good, she has plenty of energy, nothing about her has changed but she is still hacking & coughing quite a bit but we can definitely see improvement in her already.

She will be going back to the Vet on Thursday to get checked. Doctor isn’t sure what is causing her incontinence but he thinks it was triggered by the kennel cough & maybe when she coughs, she loses control of her muscles & the urine just comes out. I remember the time when I had a terrible cough, I would leak just a tiny bit whenever I coughed really hard…so I guess that’s what’s happening with her too.

Anyway what I wanted to ask was, have any of you experienced this with any of your dogs who had kennel cough?

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