Hi guys,

I think my dog has kennel cough – he was at the vet two weeks ago and last week (both on Thursday’s) however since last Thursday (the day she came back from the vet) she has been getting a very bad cough.

We first thought she may have ate a bone however I have now come across that it may be kennel cough.

Whenever she is coughing, she is shaking her head very violently and often produces a white foam. She isn’t having any problems breathing, it just seems as if she is trying to get something out of her system.

I am very worried as it has got worse today as the cough is the worst it has ever been and she keeps throwing up white foam.

What should I do? Does anyone know if this shaking is a symptom of kennel cough? The dog’s breed is a pedigree kerry blue.

Thanks so much.


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