This is the little pup that had Kennel Cough (KC) his name is Buster. He made it threw it and sometimes still coughs but tomorrow Saturday 25th 09 he will have been two weeks. I herd it last 2 weeks and that’s why I believe he is over it. The other dogs I have (2 of them ones a pomi mixed with Chihuahua and the other is min pin mixed with Chihuahua ) they made it threw this without catching it. The pomi mix is 13 and she made it threw it. I kept them in another room away from the pups. The pups were also left in the basket and I made them sleep as much as they could. They were fed their milk and distilled water mixture til they could get their normal throats back. well one of them anyways. I told anyone that came into the room to wash their hand and arms and make sure they used the germ-x on themselves when they left the room. Then told them to go change their clothes before going around the other dogs. ^.~ it worked. They didn’t catch it. Anyways if ya get KC in your house just try and keep spraying the house down with something that kills germs and keep the infected dogs or pups away from the other dogs. Make sure you take your dog to the vet . That way they can give them antibiotics. The cough meds are ok to use but try to not use it as much as possible. Like my vet told me only use it for when they are going to sleep at night. That way you can get some sleep with them.(you will need the sleep trust me.) Be prepared you could lose them but if your really truly doing

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