I recently rescued a Border Collie mix from a VERY bad situation and had the "rescue" owners tell me at first she had been checked out by a vet and was fine. Then after having MANY questions about the state of their facility (there was around 30 dogs in stacked cages in ONE small room, with kibble on the dirt outside and no other signs of feeding/cleaning), I heard one of the dogs cough. She explained to me the dog had been treated for kennel cough and is through with the required antibiotic treatment, but still coughs quite a bit.

She HAS A VET APPOINTMENT tomorrow but I am thinking about reporting this "rescue" and need more information to do so. Here are my questions:

1. How do you treat kennel cough?
2. How should the dog react afterward?
3. How do you report a mill like environment masking itself as a "rescue"?

I had several other key tips that this wasn’t a good place for people to leave pets, but will add that info if people ask (or email, not enough characters to type).
Y!A regulars, could you star the question or send it to people on your contact list that might be able to help. I’m very concerned by this and would like as many opinions as possible before I proceed (if there is anything I CAN do).
Thanks, I’m currently researching it now, but was unsure if it was viral or bacterial in nature.
The dog in question had only been there 2 weeks, but somehow finished ALL of the treatment (they must have lied). None of the cages had been cleaned, and the smell was HORRIBLE (they didn’t want to let me in the facility but I insisted). They told me the kibble on the dirt was an "accident" when someone was moving a bag.. but the (scissor cut) bag was open a few feet away moved behind a chair.

I wan to think they DO care about the dogs, but am inclined to report them so they can properly learn how. NONE of the dogs are regularly exercised (they told me this outright). I don’t know if I can leave it knowing how many other dogs were in what turned out to be a back room of their house.

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